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Let’s cheers to the yellow, the white, the green and the dotted.

And all the other jerseys when this year’s Tour de France hits the streets of Copenhagen for the first time. We are raising our glasses when Frederiksstaden becomes home for the 1st stage. Be a part of the celebration, experience the tour from the front row when they pass The Royal Palace and feel the wind in your hair when the world’s best whizzes by.


We will exclusively exhibit the world’s most expensive bike – a gold bike with Swarovski stones, which is one of ten in the world. You can also experience a Mark Cavandish world championship bike, various Tour de France winner jerseys, bikes from some of the world’s most successful cyclists and much more. You can experience the exhibiton from June 2 – July 4.

Plenty of great deals

When you have taken in the exhibit, you can also try our new miniature golf setup on the harbour side, while having a nice cold glass of what you like the best.

To further celebrate the tour, we also offer 10% on your stay, when booking directly using  code TDF22, compared to other bookingsites.

If you are a cycling aficionado, we exclusively sell our professional limited edition ‘Admiral’ cyckling clothes. See more when you visit our exhibition.