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We take responsibility

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is a member of the international environmental organization Green Key and follows established criteria for energy consumption, waste sorting, environmentally friendly procurement and sustainable consumption.

In addition, as a member of the trade union Horesta, we respect and comply with the requirements of pay, benefits and conditions of employment, and we comply with the UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Help us, help the environment

In line with responsible hotel operations, the environment is something we think about and incorporate into our daily work. We are constantly working for a greener agenda, such as less less waste and less plastic as well as more recycling and securing resource use.

We continuously inform all our employees about how they best contribute and help take responsibility for a sustainable future. It is also important to us that you as a guest are informed about our sustainable initiatives and how you can contribute when you stay with us.

UN sustainable development goal no. 12
– Responsible consumption and production

Waste sorting

Throughout the hotel, in the restaurant and in the rooms, we sort waste. We also ask our guests to do the same whenever possible – in the hotel room, in common areas and outside in nature. Of course, we want to make it easy for you. In the room, you can easily place your cans, plastic and glass bottles next to the trash can, so it is easy for housekeeping to sort. Newspapers and clean paper can be placed in the marked side of the trash can. The second room is for ordinary mixed waste. Please hand in used batteries at the reception, and we will make sure that they arrive at the recycling station.

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The more we sort – the more we recycle

Help us sort your waste at the hotel and we will help with a more sustainable agenda. We sort the following ourselves:

Cardboard is sorted and compressed in cardboard presses for recycling.
Paper from our offices is collected in a separate container that is picked up for processing recycled paper.
Bottles are collected for recycling.
Glass and porcelain are sorted into separate containers and picked up for recycling, and used as a base in road pavement.
Food waste and other organic waste are collected and used for production.
Residual waste, the waste that is left over when everything else has been sorted out, is taken to an incineration plant, where the waste is converted into new energy.
Plastic and metal are sorted into separate containers and picked up at a recycling station.
Batteries, electronic waste and light sources are sorted and driven to a recycling station by our own employees.

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Food waste and sustainable food

We are focussed on minimizing food waste as well as purchasing more sustainable food.
We portion our dishes and adjust according to the number of guests. We make sure to use seasonal and local Danish or European products and strive to always buy organic and eco-labeled products when possible.

We have introduced a vegetarian day in our canteen and sort any excess food for use in biogas.

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There is less and less clean water – both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. New water-saving products and methods save more clean water.

UN sustainable development goal no. 6
– Clean water and sanitation

Intelligent rooms

In connection with the renovation of our 366 rooms in 2019, intelligent control of heating, lighting and Aircool was installed. With new light types, control and measurement, we save energy throughout the building.

All rooms lights are automatically switched on and off via key cards, and there is dimming, night light and clock control in common areas as well as in the hotel’s outdoor area. Energy-saving LED bulbs are installed in all luminaires, lamps in rooms, in guest areas and in the restaurant.

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Energy-efficient water use

We secure energy-efficient water use by using seawater for our AirCool system in our guest rooms. We took measures to reduce the hotel’s wastewater consumption through efficient water use by installing aerators in all taps and showers, which limits water consumption up to 50%.

Water consumption and water waste are further limited by the possibility of using small and large flushes in all toilets.

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We cool down with water from the harbour

From October through May, when the seawater temperature is low, cooling is produced for the hotel’s rooms by drawing the cold seawater from the Copenhagen Harbour into the central cooling systems, via pipelines from HOFOR.

Using an exchanger, the cold water is used to cool the water in the hotel’s own systems, after which the water is sent back to HOFOR.

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Dynamic change

As we are constantly becoming wiser about new initiatives and new ways of working more sustainably and environmentally friendly, we are constantly evolving. In addition to the UN Sustainable Development Goals we have elaborated on this page, we have also developed initiatives with on other UN Sustainable Development Goals, including:

No. 3 – Good Health and Well-Being
No. 5 – Gender Equality
No. 8 – Decent Work And Economic Growth
No. 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Do you have ideas on how we can become more sustainable or do you have any questions about our initiatives, you can contact us at