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Meet the management

The hotel’s top management consists of 3 committed directors, each with their own area of expertise, and in close collaboration with their teams, ensuring constant development and great results.

Jesper Stubgaard

Hotel Director

“As Hotel Director I take great pride in the fact that our industry, right down to the core, is about guest experiences. And what is a guest experience? It can be defined in many ways, but with my extensive experience in the hotel industry – from my first job as a piccolo in 1993, to now, where I have acted as Hotel Director for the last 14 years – it is not just about beautiful surroundings, designer furniture, art, glass and steel. Because that is only a small part of the experience in my world, albeit important. For me, it is about being able to ensure the very best guest experience, and here is one thing that overshadows everything else, and that is all my fantastic colleagues. It is and always will be the most important part of a hotel experience. It is every single person, behind the counter, on the floor or behind the desk, who makes the difference for our guests, every single day. Each employee is carefully selected in each department in order to ensure our vision of the unique guest experience – all 365 days of the year.

For me personally, it is not about what we say, it is what we do. This means that we run our hotel according to our visions and not least the passion for the personal guest experience.

One size fit none!”

Rikke Gransøe Lange

Marketing and Sales Director

“As Sales and Marketing Director at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, I have the pleasure to lead and engage in a high energy sales- and marketing team where we strive to do things better and a little bit different every day. The team and I love to constantly evolve the great experiences our future guests can submerge themselves in when staying with us, as well as inspire through our different communities – our social media platforms, our website, as e-mail friends or by personal contact. My ultimate target is to ensure great experiences for our guests and at the same time leave them with a sense that there is more to be discovered at the Admiral.

Personally, I do not believe in simple mantras. But I truly believe that smart people have the passion to not only rise to any challenge, but to relish it!”

Jens Christensen

Director of Operations

“As Director of Operations at Copenhagen Admiral hotel, I am passionate about creating unique settings. Settings for great experiences, settings that create emotions and settings that make you reflect. At the same time, I am focused on how we as a team can evolve Copenhagen Admiral Hotel as a place of experiences for our guests but also as a place of employment, now and in the future. I am curious and open to feedback and reflections from our guests and employees alike, and I always encourage everyone to speak freely and stop by for a personal chat.

It is the desire and passion to evolve and always be better that makes us, us.”

Owned by Midstar Hotels AB

The old warehouse on Toldbodgade was acquired in 2019 by Swedish Midstar Hotels AB, which with a portfolio of 26 hotels in the Nordic region, has a goal of creating well-balanced and better hotels through management, active ownership and development. Midstar Hotels AB was founded in April 2015 by Midstar AB, in collaboration with Alecta, Kåpan, PRI Pensionsgaranti and Riksbank’s Jubileumsfond. Midstar Hotels AB owns 14 hotels in Sweden, 8 in Norway and 4 in Denmark. Thus a total of 4,264 rooms.

The DNA dictates the values.
The values dictates the passion.

When we say DNA, we are talking about the cornerstone of our work, passion and values. It is from the DNA that everything we do – from communication and service, to interior design and experiences – originates. As a hotel, our most important job is to ensure that our guests have the best experience and that what we say is in line with what we do. We ensure this by making sure that our values permeate the work in all departments, and that it is not just written words on a piece of paper, but that it is a natural part of our daily work. Our employees are passionate about their work, and the passion make the service for our guests extra special.

‘Mindful hospitality’

What ‘Mindful Hospitality’ means to us, is that every single guest who comes in through our doors feels that there is a focus on them, their needs and their unique experience. The hotel industry is called a ‘hospitality’ industry, but it is not a given. When we add ‘mindful’ in front, it is our way of cementing our value and vision of being aware of the very guest we are facing, looking the guest in the eye and being present.

‘Urban sanctuary’

With our location in the heart of Copenhagen, we are surrounded by the buzz of the city life, experiences and activities, but for us it is important that when the guest books a stay at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, it is a haven and free space to do and be what they want. The old warehouse with high ceilings has a special atmosphere that lets you relax and we always work actively to give our guests a place to breathe, enjoy their time and pamper themselves.

‘Make the ordinary a little more extraordinary’

Going from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ is a focus we have in all parts of our daily work. Everything from the food and the little smile in passing, to the meeting and interaction with the local life that surrounds us. The guest experience and the personal contact are always in the forefront – whether it is online or offline. Our vision of the extraordinary is part of everything we do.

Are you our new colleague?

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