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Terms & Conditions

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

What is included in the booking?

Confirmation of the number of people that will stay at the hotel, the rate and dining options as well as additional products will be included in the booking confirmation, the guests will receive following booking.

Price agreement validity

The agreed prices are binding for both parties and the hotel reserves the right to adjust prices in case of changing in costs of increased taxes, or other circumstances beyond the hotels’ control.

Change and cancellation

Please see your booking confirmation for information on your change and cancellation terms and conditions.

Disposal of the room

There are several valid ways to change reservations, depending on what reservation you’ve made. Please consult your booking confirmation to more information on your change and cancellation terms and conditions.


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel will demand a cash deposit on check-in.

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel accept payment by the following credit card companies: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Dankort, Eurocard or Diners.

By approving these terms and conditions, you also approve that your card is stored and charged for later purchases. The card number is stored securely with our payment provider Concardis by Nets and we will never have access to the actual card number.

Invoice policy

An invoicing agreement must be made in advance and a credit check will be done.

Responsibility for damage

In case of negligence or unacceptably behavior of guests, the person whose name the reservation is under is responsible for damages to the premises.

Force majeure

Events outside the agreement party control – such as strikes, lockouts, fire, etc., which makes it impossible to fulfill the obligations in this agreement – gives the right to terminate the agreement without liability.


All disputes arising between parties in this agreement, or on other grounds, or between the guest and the hotel, will be treated under Danish law. If the dispute is not solved it will fall under the hotel property jurisdiction.