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This is how we look out for each other


As a precautionary measure due to Covid-19, we have introduced several different measures to reduce the possibility of infection at our hotel. Our most important task is to look after our guests, which means that we have initiated a number of procedures and routines based on the authorities’ recommendations and restrictions. We closely monitor WHO and the Danish health authorities’ recommendations, and dynamically adapt our approach to the virus.

We have implemented the following actions:

  • We clean and disinfect all surfaces, buttons and handles often
  • Have established regular routines for the use of hand sanitizer and general hygiene with our employees
  • Installed hand sanitizer dispensers in several spots in the hotel’s common areas for our guests to use
  • Our air conditioning system is not shared between multiple rooms, and therefore you do not share air with others
  • We have a doctor on call who is standby if some of our guests feel ill
  • We have prepared an action plan on how to handle a possible case at the hotel
  • We replaced our breakfast buffet with portioned breakfast servings. You are required by law to wear a face mask when walking about in the restaurant. You can take it off when sitting down.
  • All key cards for rooms are sanitized after use
  • We are currently only accepting card payment and have temporarily suspended cash payments.
  • Our suppliers have been required to follow our hygiene and disinfecting rules


  • We replaced our breakfast buffet with portioned breakfast servings you order at the reception the night before and collect to enjoy in your room.
  • SALT bar & restaurant is closed, but you can still order room service and SALT to go.
  • You are required wear a face mask when walking about in all common areas. You can take it off when sitting down.

In addition, we take care of our employees and have ongoing dialogue about health, any travel plans and situation management. It is important to us that both guests and employees feel safe, and therefore we have continuous communication regarding these topics.

We ask that you stay at home if you feel ill or have been in contact with anyone who has been affected.

Further, we kindly ask that you follow the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations. You will find posters with the information hanging around the hotel and in the rooms.

The recommendations are:

  • Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer
  • Always cover your mouth with a sleeve when sneezing or coughing
  • Restrict physical contact
  • Keep your distance and pay attention to others
  • Avoid big crowds


The current situation in Denmark

All cafes, bars, restaurants, stores and cultural institutions are closed in Denmark, with the exception of essential stores such as supermarkets, farmacies. Restaurants that offer take-away are open for orders. Public transport is accessible and it is required to wear a face mask. You are required to wear a face mask when walking about and standing up. You can take it off when you are sitting down.

In regards to travel, there are still restrictions in place. At the airport and in the air, it is a requirement that a mask be worn throughout. There are several countries that the Danish authorities still advise against traveling to as well as countries whose citizens are banned from entering. However, this does not apply to travelers with worthy purposes, such as business trips.

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