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18th century warehouse

This uniquely designed Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is housed in a converted 18th century warehouse neighbouring the Royal Palace and the Royal Playhouse, close to the city centre and the best shopping and cultural attractions.

The prizewinning establishment features a Conran-designed restaurant, SALT bar and restaurant.

No two rooms in our Copenhagen design hotel are alike – each has been individually developed in close cooperation with a group of the best interior designers to reflect its own characteristic ambience.

However, one feature is common to all of the rooms – they capture the feeling and the mood of the building’s history thanks to their characteristic beams, the aura of the city lights and the ever-changing reflected light from the water.

We are currently preparing the installation of air-condition throughout the hotel for the benefit of our guests.


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel ejes og drives af Midstar Hotels.
Midstar Hotels AB blev grundlagt in April 2015 af Midstar AB i samarbejde med Alecta, Kåpan, PRI Pensionsgaranti og Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Midstar Hotels AB ejer 26 hoteller; 13 i Sverige, 9 i Norge og 4 i Danmark, med 4.113 værelser i alt.


It all started in 1787

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

The Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is housed in a historic, converted warehouse close to the Copenhagen city center. The warehouse was originally built as a granary for the trading company Pingel, Meyer, Prætorius & Co., and thanks to its architectural beauty, the building bears witness to the wealth generated by late 18th century trade.


The warehouse started life at the time when all shipping was under sail. In those days, the harbour was a hive of bustling activity and the warehouse was a focal point for the shipping trade, not only to other parts of Denmark but to the danish colonies and the rest of the world.


Razed to the ground

The King becomes a neighbour

In 1794, the government palace, Christiansborg, was razed to the ground and the Royal Family joined the homeless! Fortunately, four wealthy nobles had commissioned the leading architect of the day, Nicolai Egtved, to design four rococo palaces around an octagonal plaza on the opposite of Toldbodgade from the warehouse.

Denmark’s monarch, Christian VII, acquired the entire Amalienborg complex after the Christiansborg fire and moved in.

Staying at the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, means you can say you are staying next to royalty.

1801 & 1807

The battle of Copenhagen

On April 2nd 1801, the Danish and English fleets fought the renowned war “Battle of Copenhagen” right outside the warehouse windows. Anyone who had sought shelter behind the massive warehouse walls might have witnessed the admiral putting his telescope to his blind eye in order to avoid acknowledging his commander’s permission to withdraw.

On September 3rd 1807, the wings of history passed over the warehouse once again. During the second Battle of Copenhagen, a huge English fleet besieged Copenhagen and bombarded the city. While cannon fire flew over the warehouse, the streets filled with the homeless, the wounded and the dying. What is now the hotel’s lounge and where the old grain drying oven once stood, was then used to provide shelter for the many wounded.



January 15th 1978, Copenhagen Admiral Hotel opened after a thorough restoration. At the time, it was among the largest hotels in Copenhagen with it’s 366 rooms.

The restoration of the hotel won wide international acclaim, and the project was awarded a diploma by the association of protection of Europe´s heritage “Europa Nostra”.


The Green Key

At the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, you can enjoy sweet dreams and a good conscience, as we set great store by protecting the environment. Over the past couple of decades, we have worked constantly to minimise our carbon footprint, especially concentrating on our consumption of electricity, heating and water. Our heating system, pumps and ventilation are operated and monitored by CTS and all of the hotel’s glass areas are fitted with low-energy glass. We sort all daily waste, so that reusable materials are sent to recycling units and all household waste is sent to refuse disposal units. Insofar as consciousness of the environment is one of our core values, our objective is always to find the solutions that are best for the environment.

Thanks to this consciousness, the hotel has earned the Green Key environment certificate.