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MY Copenhagen: Meet Marloes from our Booking Team


Meet sweet Marloes from our Booking Team as she guides you towards her Top 3 in Copenhagen.

Svanemøllen Beach
Since I live in the area, I often walk along Svanemøllen Beach. I go there no matter the season, but spring is definitely wonderful. I also love the big difference between winter and summer. Some people hop into the icy water and “winter bathe,” others just go for a walk – if the sun is shining, there’s even an ice cream stand. Having a mini-beach in Copenhagen is wonderful, especially if you grew up close to a beach in the Limfjord (in the northern part of Jutland), like I did.

Tivoli is a classic. But what attracts me most is their music schedule. Starting in spring, they have Friday Rock, with a musical guest every Friday and the past few years, they’ve also had new concept – “Little Friday.” On Thursday evenings in the Pavillion, they feature smaller, up-and-coming Danish bands.

Pumpehuset (The Pump House) is a concert venue. In front of it there’s a square, the “Pump House City Garden,” which is open from Wednesday through Saturday starting in May through the end of August. It’s a super cool hangout area with organic beer, home-brewed drinks and cocktails. You can even order food. Also for vegetarians! There’s tons of activities, from bingo, poetry evenings, flea markets and karaoke. And they too have concerts featuring up-and-coming Danish bands.