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Our guide to Copenhagen’s cultural centre

Experience Copenhagen’s cultural centre

The traditional focal point of Copenhagen’s cultural life is the island of Slotsholmen and the neighbouring areas between the inner city and the city’s inner harbour – the beating heart of the city. Here you will find many of the city’s cultural institutions, virtually feel Denmark’s long royal history and get a bird’s eye view of it all. This cultural quarter is an eldorado of treasures in the heart of the bustling city, just a very short walk from the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel.

Pride of place on Slotsholmen goes to Christiansborg Palace, which houses Queen Margrethe’s magnificent reception rooms, the Royal Stables, conceals the ruins of Absalon’s Castle and now the Royal Gala Kitchens have become accessible for the public. The palace has two distinct sections, one of which is used by the Queen for gala functions and the other houses the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court and the department of the Prime Minister. The heart of the palace is the Knights’ Hall, 40 metres (130 ft.) in length where the Queen’s famous, colourful tapestries, which depict 1,000 years of Danish history, are on display.

When you visit Christiansborg Palace, we recommend that you take a trip almost to the top of the 106 metre (345 ft.) high tower and take in the magnificent views of the city – and, if hunger should get the better of you while there, you could try the tower restaurant. The entrance to the tower is from the Royal Gate in the middle of the palace façade facing the Christiansborg Palace Square. Visits to the tower are free of charge.

Two wings of the palace flank the Christiansborg Riding Grounds and in one of these, you will find the Court Theatre, which is worth a visit. At 250 years, it is Denmark’s oldest existing theatre where, amongst many others, Hans Christian Andersen and Countess Danner (actress and mistress of King Frederik VII) have performed. During a visit here, you will see all aspects of the theatre – the auditorium, the small, private boxes, backstage and, not least, the sloping stage!

In the small café that looks out across the riding grounds, you can relax with a cool drink or a hot coffee, to your taste.