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Tourist in Copenhagen

Our guide to underground Copenhagen


Have no fear! This is not an article about conspiratorial Copenhagen politics – we would just like to tell you about some of the city’s attractions if you drop down from street level to take in some of the treasures hidden below. While the city bustles above, you can find mysticism and treasures and see… Read more »

Our guide to Copenhagen’s cultural centre

Experience Copenhagen’s cultural centre The traditional focal point of Copenhagen’s cultural life is the island of Slotsholmen and the neighbouring areas between the inner city and the city’s inner harbour – the beating heart of the city. Here you will find many of the city’s cultural institutions, virtually feel Denmark’s long royal history and get… Read more »

Our favourite palaces in and around Copenhagen

The palaces in and around Copenhagen Copenhagen has for decades been looked upon as the fount from which many of Europe’s royal families originate. King Christian IX (1818-1906) was popularly known as the ”Father-in-law of Europe”, insofar as four of his six offspring ascended to European thrones. The Danish royal dynasty has traditionally played an… Read more »

Our guide to Copenhagen’s architectural and design gems

Our guide to Copenhagen’s architectural and design gems Old historic buildings stand side by side with new, modern architecture in Copenhagen and Danish as well as international architects have stamped their mark on the capital. Furthermore, Danish design has attained world renown for elegantly simple lines, the use of hardwearing materials and beautifully balanced proportions… Read more »